The picture, that is…not (necessarily) the child!

I remember this day clearly:  It was one of the first few times I ever took the M9 out instead of something else.  It was taken in a cramped Gondola high above Banff.  I did not think I would have enough room to focus…but I got quite a few keepers that day.  Her expression just says it all.  And yes, she is as mischievous as the picture implies.  But somehow, when she smiles, the “mad” goes away (and she knows it too, the little brat!)  Anyway, this was taken with the Voigtlander Nokton 40/1.4…mainly on Peter’s recommendation.  (It is a gem of a lens…every Leica shooter should own one).  I have recently acquired the “SC” version (single-coated) in addition to the “MC” this picture was taken with, and hope to post a review of the differences soon.  To this day, this still remains one of the my favorite pictures ever taken with my rangefinder.

…And that is not real fur on her jacket.  🙂

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