Announcing The “50-Roll Project”


Yesterday I was fortunate enough to come home and find an extremely generous gift from my good friend Peter, sitting on my doorstep.  (…which I very much appreciated, because the day was extremely crappy, to say the least).

50 beautiful rolls of Tri-X 400.

It was almost enough to make a grown man weep with joy.  (Ok, maybe just a “film nerd” like me…)

In any case, I did what any self-respecting photographer would do, and promptly ripped it open.

“…and then there were forty-nine.”

The shot above is the first shot, on the first roll, on the first day…um…of the rest of my life.

(Or something like that…)

And thus, in a somewhat muffled ‘click…’ the “50-Roll Project” was born.

…and my life had purpose once again.  (Ok, yes.  Fine.  I’m being overly dramatic here…but this is serious stuff.)


And so it comes to this:

Over the next (I don’t know how long…hopefully before they all expire!) I am going to shoot, develop, and post a sampling of photos from every single roll.  It may be two, or three, or five (it will actually be however many I darn-well please…) but there will be something from each and every roll.  Hopefully weekly.  Or so.

I am hoping to inspire others to take the plunge, and keep the art alive.  I wouldn’t have done it without Peter’s inspiration.

Therefore, without further adieu…I bring you:

(Ok, actually…one…maybe two more issues: The first roll was expired, and I only shot 24 out of 36 exposures, because I was impatient and wanted to get it developed and get some pictures up!!)

The 50-Roll Project!!

(Now I need to go and find somewhere to keep all my negatives!)

I hope you enjoy…now go enter Peter’s contest and win the other 50 rolls!!


6 thoughts on “Announcing The “50-Roll Project”

  1. Prosophos says:

    Glad you got the film Mark. I’m so excited for you, and I think your 100 roll project is a fantastic idea!

    A few comments:

    1. I thought I only sent you 50 rolls?!
    2. In all fairness, I had warned you that one pack had expired a week ago (I needed to keep lots of perfectly good film for my contest – for some important stranger who will be declared the winner).


    Note by Management: Comment slightly truncated for reasons of national security.

    • mewanchuk says:

      No no…there were 100 there!!

      …Heh heh. Whoops. I am a doofus. I cannot count…I was simply too excited.

      Edits made to reflect my ignorance–and I certainly wasn’t complaining about the film–it was barely expired!

      (In actual fact, I have never shot expired film, so wasn’t entirely sure how it would behave at this point…Off to do more reading!)


      • Prosophos says:

        I gotta admit, “100 roll project” sounded much cooler 🙂

        And thanks for truncating my comment for the sake of national security.


      • mewanchuk says:

        Yeah, I may have to buy 50 more rolls now!

        …Anyway, I didn’t want a “Diplomatic Crisis” between our websites.



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