The Entertainer, Part II


Down on the floor to get this one.

…All the toys in the world, and she’s reaching for the Lego guy!

(So I guess it’s not really as much “the entertainer” as it is “the endangerer”)


Anyway, Peter’s recent post on the Voigtlander 35/2.5 made me pull out my ‘ole 40, and realize how much I liked shooting with it.  His review is here.  This is the “SC” version, which seems to be more ideally suited to B&W photography.

I honestly believe this lens is the one-size fits all, low-cost, all-purpose lens of the rangefinder world.  It is perfectly sized, and tremendous value at that.  It pulls up the 50mm framelines, and gives you crop to spare.  It gets you thinking in a “35-50” mindset.  It is honestly the one lens I believe everyone looking at rangefinder photography should start with, and own.  I started out with the “MC” version before I bought anything else.  If I had to give up all others, I’d probably keep this one just for the sheer “bang for your buck.”

(Plus, it looks cool with the hood…and what’s more important than that?)

If you’re looking, I highly recommend Stephen at Cameraquest (I get no kickbacks–he is just a standup guy!)

3 thoughts on “The Entertainer, Part II

  1. Prosophos says:

    Mark, lovely image.

    Thanks for linking to my report of the Voigtlander 40/1.4 Nokton. For some reason, when I hover on your link, it reads “Voigtlander 40 f/1.2 Nokton”.

    Peter (“Prosophos”)

      • Prosophos says:

        It’s true, we’re not that different. Have you ever noticed that we’re never in the same room together, at the same time? Hmmm….

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