Roll Twelve


…While we’re on the subject of film, I may as well put these up for your perusal.

These are a bit “Baby-J-Centric” (and not quite as exotic as Berlin…)

It seems I also managed to get the Ilfotec working.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy…Roll Twelve.


8 thoughts on “Roll Twelve

  1. Jason Timmis says:

    You have definitely got the process down Mark. I see you guys are enjoying some nice weather which doesn’t hurt either.
    I am more a fan of the ‘clean and modern’ look of the images from the ‘Lux than the classic look of the older rigid but that is of course personal taste. I love the images from my 50 ‘Lux so much I broke down and am picking up a 35 1.4 FLE tomorrow to try out along side it.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Jason!

      Congrats on the lens–it is truly stunning. I have been tempted by it many times, but don’t shoot 35 enough to justify it. Peter had some fantastic images with it–I have often scolded him for giving it up.

      All the best,

    • Ondra says:

      35 1.4 FLE is my dream lens. Although I have been feeling lately that my taste will be rather the classic look.

      • Ondra says:

        Mark, excellent photo! I like it a lot. Did you enhance the contrast in post processing?

      • mewanchuk says:


        Thank you!

        Which photo in particular were you referring to? (I’m assuming the one at the top of this post…)

        Anyway, all the photos in Roll Twelve were taken with a yellow filter on the lens, which enhances contrast. Some of them did have contrast very slightly increased in post-processing.

        All the best,

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