7 thoughts on “Outdoors

  1. andygemmell says:

    I love how different types of light can test Portra out and it stands up so well imo. And this was a 160 pushed….it’s a nice finish and good reflection of colours. Particularly in the first image.

    As for colour in my world….I just purchased a second MM ….ahhhh. Not for keeps though. Got it second hand for a trip I have next year in Feb and there are not a lot about. Will be selling straight afterwards!

  2. Ondra says:

    I like the #3 picture, especially the light and color. It looks like there was a sunset.

    It seems you can have really tough winters in Edmonton. In comparison to Edmonton, it is still warm here.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Ondra…there was a bit of some late afternoon light…it was quite scenic.

      Yes, winters here are quite harsh: they are long, dark, and extremely cold. By January, it will be about -35 degrees centigrade. It is really the only drawback of living in Alberta. (Well, that, and the mosquitoes during the summer months!!)

      All the best,

      • Ondrej Caska says:

        Aww, minus 35 degrees celsius is quite too much for me. I guess it is night temperature, right? Usual top night temperatures are here like minus 20. Its rather extreme to have such temperature during day.

        But at least you have a great opportunity to enjoy winter sports, like skating and ice hockey 🙂

        • Ondrej says:

          Hmmm… thats really tough. Do you wear masks or something in such terrible colds? I guess it can be easy to have frostbites on a face, nose or ears.

          By the way, I am quite surprised that you use metric system. I thought that Canada had the same imperial system like U.S. Good to know. I have quite problems to think in imperial system.

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