The Experiment


There is nothing overly stunning or remarkable about this photo…but it is a bit of an experiment.

Believe it or not…It was taken with the Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4 SC lens, on the Fuji X-E1 body, mounted with a Metabones adapter.  It was quickly manually focused using only the EVF (no magnification, or focus peaking) and shot while lying on the floor. (RAW, ISO 2000, f/1.4, 1/60).  The crop factor of the body is 1.5, so the lens is effectively 60mm.

Babie J was moving quickly (as you can see by the blurred hand and car).

In any case, the colors and white balance were much more accurate (out-of-camera) than the venerable M240.

Is it a useable combo?

I have always loved the X-E1–it is my go-to vacation camera.  The ability to adapt M-mount lenses is a big plus; the crop factor makes some focal lengths a bit awkward for shooting in close-quarters (50mm+) but focusing manually is surprisingly easy.  Furthermore, I have always liked how this sensor renders.

Anyway, given the dropping prices on X-E1 bodies (there is a “2” now!) it is probably worth picking up and having around.

Tell Fuji I sent you.



12 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. andygemmell says:

    Mmmm…nice bit of feedback in gear land Mark. Thanks. I’ve also got some to share over the past 2 days re Df vs. a7 in the ergonomics stakes…I might share if I may…just added to SH under his Df in stock section…

    Df vs. a7 ergonomics…Obviously a personal opinion.

    “Handled one of these today in store and the a7 late last week. Obviously very different. The a7 too small for my liking with a sore thumb knuckle after a few minutes, though obviously small and light. The Df felt better in the hand and although big not heavy.

    Verdict – one’s too small ergonomically imo and the other is closer (Df) though could be cut down a bit more. Controls on both seems fine and the speed dial on the Df is akin to older manual camera. Aperture dial DSLR like as you’d expect (same as a7). Manual focus on a7 with native Ziess lenses is not as fast or smooth as Df and 1.8 kit lens manual focus. That said though with a nice M mount lens on a7, I’m sure it be pretty smooth!

    View finder on Df in my opinion bigger and brighter, though won’t get you that live view adjustment like a7. Really a personal preference.

    AF zone selection on Df seemed quicker and a bit more intuitive due to ergonomics than a7. I have no doubt both will “miss” at certain times.

    As for image quality no idea…but that’s not my first concern anyway and given both have FF top quality sensors in them expect them to be pretty close really.

    Neither feel as balanced as a Leica RF, though that is me being biased I use one now. Hope this helps if you are thinking about either. I’m not buying either so not justifying one over the other. just curious.”

  2. andygemmell says:

    PS….I initially thought that finger was heading somewhere it’s not meant to be….:-)

  3. greg g says:

    There is something one might describe as calm and composed about the color rendering of the Fuji sensor and CV lens especially (to my eye on my monitor) in the red shirt and BJ’s skin tone.

    BTW, I just acquired that “2” version with the intent of consolidating all other gear into that one camera and a few of the Fuji primes and also, in final acknowledgment of the minor-ness of my photo talent, of abandoning raw in favor of the very excellent Fuji JPEG’s (although mostly, I suspect, B&W).

    Anyway, I digress. I’d say this was quite a successful experiment.

    • andygemmell says:

      Greg being a past X100 owner those jpegs are superb. I wouldn’t associate them with your said “minor-ness of photo talent”. It is very capable system for any photographer. I suspect you’re being a bit harsh on yourself with your description!

      The main theme here and on Peters site is that we all love photography, so XE or FF goliath keep shooting :-)!!

    • mewanchuk says:


      Mis-perceived “lack of talent” is not a valid reason not to buy lots of gear. (Or else where would I be??)


      In any case, I don’t think you will be the least bit disappointed with the Fuji system; buy the new 23mm lens, and it may never leave your camera. (The 27mm pancake is nice for travel too…)

      All the best, M.

      • greg g says:

        Never fear, guys, I lack no GAS (or gas, just look at all these comments…) and, despite the constant fervent petitions from one viewer after another, I keep on shooting; mind you, the guys with the torches and pitchforks can be a bit daunting. But I don’t despair, as I my high school music teacher once told me, not everyone can play first violin, somebody has to push air through the tuba… although I confess that, since I played clarinet, I was never quite sure what she meant. 🙂

        In all seriousness, some simplification of my gear and process I hope will get me to shoot more, since, as Mr P says, there’s no way other than practice practice practice.

        So Andrew, when are we going to see your blog?

        • andygemmell says:

          Mmmm….I have an idea I’m thinking through at the moment re that Greg. In reality though I feel I need more work that is available to use before doing so. Have purchased a domain name but it’ll be on ice for 6 months. Will be more about provoking some thinking/thoughts AND discussing how people “see” if they want to break through or out of a rut, simply want to experiment and/or reading/watching how people approach a genre they have struggled with, though would like to take on. Let’s say a bit of a “practical” focus (excuse the pun) to the art.

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