“Singy” the Singing Christmas Tree has been part of our family for years.  This year, it became apparent that he didn’t survive storage, and we had to let him go.  (He just didn’t move like he used to…)  Hopefully we will find his replacement somewhere on E-bay…


7 thoughts on “Scoliosis

  1. andygemmell says:

    nice focusing on the eyes Mark! Sorry to hear about Singy…very sad!!

    PS You have to be impressed about those lights in the background.

    • mewanchuk says:


      Yeah, actually the lights in the background were the REAL reason I posted this photo. (That, and the fact that The Producer thinks it’s hilarious…)

      So there you have it. I am creative.



  2. greg g says:

    This would be the perfect moment for an Emily Litella rant on discarding the old and lame and casting them on the scape heap of life at the first signs of infirmity… but I’ll spare you this time. 😉

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