So this is what winter running looks like in Edmonton.


Just kidding!!

…Had a getaway weekend in Santa Monica, California.

Took a bit of a break from the “serious” photography, but still managed to get a few keepers.

This one was a bit of a tough capture, but I like the result: 3-stop ND Filter at f/16 (to accent the sunstar).

Featuring my lovely wife, and Babie J as the sporty models.

…Wish we were back: it’s an icy Hades here.

Alberta is why they make studs on tires.  (And if you don’t know what those are, you haven’t lived in Alberta!)


(Oh, and sorry I never said “hi” Don…next time we’re down, we’ll have to meet up!!)

4 thoughts on “Respite

  1. andygemmell says:

    A weekend…’d still be frozen in the middle by the time you’re getting back on the plane :-)… Though it would be nice to feel your finger tips again so fair enough.

    This a nice catch Mark and for a technically tough image I think you’ve done it very well. Like the framing as well.

  2. greg g says:

    …not to mention crankcase heaters.

    I like this a lot and it sure is nice to get away from the harshness, even for a short time, kind of like that 10 minute “nap” during an “all-nighter”, It keeps you going.

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