The (Ongoing) Experiment…


It seems that when I don’t develop something for a few days, I start to go into withdrawal.

(Perhaps I’m addicted to the chemistry? 🙂 )

In any case, I will start by saying that these are nothing special, but are (once again) part of an (ongoing…) experiment.

I call this my “Railroad Series”.

(I’m having an exhibition in NY next week…)

Given that I have a few rolls of that junk expired 120-800 left, I actually need to find something to do with it.

I had heard once that you can use B&W chemistry to develop color film (which I actually did not know–and yes, I know about C-41 color process B&W film, which is really not the same thing at all…)

These were all shot in my basement yesterday at ISO 400, 1/30s, and f/3.5 on the Fuji GX670.

They were developed at a theoretical 1-stop push using DDX at 10 minutes and 21°–The timing was nothing more than a wild guess, as I didn’t know how the Portra would behave; especially with the DDx (which I’m not sure I like, and I have little experience with at present…)

The results are here.


Or not.







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