11 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. andygemmell says:

    Uhh Ohh…all those 35mm images that are framed…..Where are you going to fit the MF ones???

    What a lovely image.

  2. Prosophos says:

    Hello from beautiful Barbados! I saw your Hassy images today and just had to comment…. Oooohhhh!


    This output is stronger than with your Fuji gear, and it clearly resonates with your artistic sensibilities. Mark, stick with it and see it through β€” the image quality is obviously on another level, so if you’re “meshing” with the gear, run with it!


    • mewanchuk says:

      Hey Hey Hey…Peter!!!

      I did NOT expect to see your face around these parts anytime soon…but I sure am glad to see you.

      Hope you’re all having a blast, and taking lots of photos of that glorious blue sea.

      Thanks for the warm feedback!

      Catch you soon, M.

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