Spiderman and his slobbery Arch-nemesis Baby J…

Taken today, developed today, and posted today.

(That’s the benefit of developing yourself, for all you fence-sitters!)

It’s easy, and you too can do it–my color guide is off to the left, “up there” somewhere…

Anyhoo, with the intarwebs being all “abuzz” about Peter’s first portrait on MF film, I wasn’t going to bother to post today, but I thought I should let you all know that thankfully, everyone survived this terrifying encounter.

Sleep soundly people…




6 thoughts on “Nemesis

  1. andygemmell says:

    “Taken today, developed today, and posted today.

    (That’s the benefit of developing yourself, for all you fence-sitters!)”

    I’m feeling a little intimidated 😦 !! All of this film talk, develop it yourself, etc , etc…..

    I do have a question though. How do you find the time amongst all those wonderful little gremlins!!

    As usual Mark, this image is a typical signature style of yours. Thats a very good thing! Honeymoon period still on with Hasselblad or are you sharing the love a bit more now??

    • mewanchuk says:


      The time is found while they are sitting in the bathtub beside my work sink! It is actually not all that time-intensive once the chemicals are mixed (about every eight rolls of 120…) and the water is up to temperature.


      Still loving the hassey, except that one film back has crapped out and needs a CLA…has to be sent off. Ditched my 240 (couldn’t get comfortable with the color…) and am just shooting with the Monochrom now. Need to try and find some more time to shoot my 50-roll project, but it is hard to get through 36 exposures when you’re stuck inside all day!

      All the best,

  2. mikeyjive says:

    Great stuff! Are you saying, with the Tetenal kit, you replace/refresh the chemicals every eight rolls or so? I’m probably on my twenty-sometingth roll of mostly 35mm on my Tetenal kit… wondering when things are going to start getting weird. Sometimes I notice a bit of a “blown out” look towards the very top of some frames… and haven’t quite figured out what causes that. Getting better and more consistent, though. I just have to remember that “good light” is still always a requirement! I agree that 36 frames are very difficult to get through in the wintertime (mostly indoors). It’s ironic that it almost makes medium format the preferred choice for the indoor snapshots (2 of 10 shots taken on my roll of 120 Portra 400 in the GF670 at the moment). Thanks for your posts!

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hey MJ…good to hear from you!

      As far as the Tetanal kit goes, it is spec’d for 8 rolls of 120, or around 12-13 rolls of 36 exp 35mm. They readily admit you can “push” the chemicals farther, but suggest extending developing times, and “do not guarantee results” (not sure what they’d be “guaranteeing” anyway…)

      Regardless, I myself have regularly done 15 rolls of 35mm in a kit; with 120 (and the effort and expense involved…) I have started erring on the side of caution.

      Anyway, looking forward to some pics from your 670…make sure you send some my way!

      Cheers, M.


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