The Conservatory


There is a Botannical Conservatory near us that allows you to feel (briefly) like you are in Barbados…minus the ocean and the free drinks, of course.

These were taken yesterday.  There’s a few of them, but I just couldn’t chose which one to post.  I figure I could bore you with them over the next few weeks, or just get them all over with now.


Aside from film (and the Hasselblad itself…) I think this is still my absolute favorite combo to shoot with.  These were all processed very quickly in LR4, so I reserve the right to tweak them each slightly.

I hope you enjoy.

















6 thoughts on “The Conservatory

  1. greg g says:

    Hard to pick just one, but if pressed, my favorite is #3: the gathering around and on the bench. It seems a genuine candid, with nobody paying you any mind at all.

    I understand the film fascination and medium format. For sure the Hassy and you really have developed an immediate and quite evident affinity, but on my iMac monitor, at available “sizes”, I find the tonality produced by the MM when well processed to be the most complete and quiet on transition of any camera you all use.

    I understand how Peter didn’t quite settle into it. His eye is often color coded. But had he stuck with it longer, I’ve no doubt the quality of tonality in his images would have reflected the same character. But even so, that just wasn’t enough for his way of working. Andrew’s travel portfolio is fabulous in that regard and while Ashwin pursues other characteristics of tonality with his vintage lenses, I think that only shows its versatility. For me the MM is unsurpassed in that regard which is (again, for me) the single most critical element of B&W imagery.

    Of course, I’m too lazy to do the film process and too poor (everything is relative) to afford the MM and lenses, so I can only go by what I see others do. But I just love how these are drawn and (as always) expressed.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Greg,

      I appreciate your comments and your insights. The tonality is certainly quite pleasant; different than the MF, but certainly a heck of a lot less work!!



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