Perfectly Flawed


Well, now that the streamers have been cleaned up, and the confetti swept away, there is work to be done around here.

These two are from the upcoming “Roll Twenty-Six”.  I wanted to draw special attention to them for their (for me, at least!) visual impact.

They are flawed photos in many ways, but for many reasons will remain among the favorite photos I have ever taken.

…And all when I least expected them.

Lest you think it is all fun and games around here (viewer discretion advised!):

“A Mother’s Comfort”


2 thoughts on “Perfectly Flawed

  1. Photographs by Peter says:

    I do not know the actual “story” behind these two images, but they each – without a doubt – tell a story.

    In a poignant way, the second image also brings back a flood of personal memories for me. For that, I thank you.

    Well done Mark.

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