Welcome to Our Analog Vacation!

Hot on the heels of our California getaway (we arrived home last night…) I managed to find time to develop three rolls of film.

These were taken on Tri-X 400 with my new (old) favorite (cheap) toy: The Olympus OMG (yes, that’s what it’s really called…) and 50mm f/1.8 lens.  Unretouched, and straight from the F135.

Carrying only two film cameras was definitely a different experience: no memory cards, no downloads, no peaking at photos, no uploads, no immediate feedback…just “old skool” going on vacation, and waiting for the photos to “come back”.  (Sort of.  Depending on when I get a chance to develop them all.  😉 )

Anyway, you will obviously be inundated with a few choice selections in the days to come…this is just a primer to prepare you for what lies ahead.

…And to say we survived.  Mostly.



4 thoughts on “Lo-Fi

  1. andygemmell says:

    And no one better to go on such a holiday…….that second one takes me back to …….mmmm…before I was born :-)!!

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