The Analog Vacation – One


These are from the first two rolls; TriX on the Olympus OMG, and Portra 400 on the Ikon.

The Trip Down“.

My personal favorite:


Unretouched, and straight off the F135.

The rest are basically random travel shots, so you may or may not be interested.


(Technically, the TriX photos will also form part of the 50 Roll project…once I get organized).

Stay tuned for plenty more to come.









7 thoughts on “The Analog Vacation – One

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Bijan!

      I am really looking forward to posting the remainder of these…It was definitely a rewarding experience to take only film. (And the best part is: when people hear that shutter ‘clack’ they look at you like you are from outer space!!)


      All the best,

    • mewanchuk says:


      Thanks for the feedback!

      On the Oly SLR: The funny thing is, I LOVE it!! You really need to find yourself one…they are under $100 on flea-bay WITH lens (I paid $70 for mine…) and it is SO versatile. It only has full stop increments on the aperture ring, but it is very small and light. It was nice to have a film camera on the beach and not have to worry about anything but saving the film.

      Talk to you soon,

      • Ondrej Caska says:

        Thats great, Mark! I thought that you were only rangefinder lover 😉 I have also one Oly SLR – OM-1 version, with 50mm f 1.8 lens. I bought it some time ago before M6. It cost me approx. USD 150 and it is in mint condition. I like the handling of this camera, especially the shutter speed which is “on the lens”. Also great is the big bright viewfinder. And you are right about people watching when they hear the loud shutter sound, hehe 🙂

      • mewanchuk says:


        No, I’m not an elitist…I’ll shoot with pretty much anything!


        Anyway, glad to hear you have an OM-1 as well…they are really great cameras. The metering is fantastic, and the handling (as you point out…) is great. You should definitely shoot with it more, and send me some photos!

        Any news on your beloved M6?


      • Ondrej Caska says:

        Sure – I will send you some photos once I have some 🙂 I was shooting with my OM-1 while the M6 was is Solms. Few weeks ago it finally arrived. I have shot some rolls with it, but I have not yet developed them in the lab.

        I think the defect was not caused by the shutter curtain, because the defect acted really strangely. In M6 they overhauled the shutter system and replaced the receiver (I do not know what it is – maybe the part, wher the film is being wound?). They also replaced the light sealing and made overall cleaning and adjustment. I also asked for the upgrade of the viewfinder to the MP one, so now it does not flare (although I do not find any significant difference in brightness). So I guess it will be ok now. It was costy but I want to keep my M6. I am looking forward to new photos 🙂

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