10 thoughts on “Tiptoe…

  1. Abilio says:

    Haha I see you were unable to stick to your “weekend only” posts….for which I am grateful! 😉

    A beautiful image filled with sunshine and happiness!

  2. mikeyjive says:

    Definitely a mandatory color photograph. A great, priceless photo and kudos to the wardrobe department as well! Are you still using that Immersion Circulator? If so, how has it been working for you?

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks all-around Mikey!

      The immersion circulator is definitely a mandatory implement for any serious home developing. It was well worth the money spent–an excellent complement to the Pakon F135.

      Essentially, once I am nearing the end of a roll (and know that I will have one to develop that day…) I go down to my “darkroom” (bathroom… 😀 ) and put the chemicals in the circulator. I haul it to my tub, swing the tap all the way to HOT, and fill the apparatus.

      When I put it on the counter and fire it up, the temperature of the water bath is about 47 or 48 degrees Celsius. (I have the circulator set for 40 degrees Celsius…) I throw the lid on, and go about my business.

      An hour later, the chemicals are warm, and the whole thing is a constant ~102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Once I take the lid off, and the developer out (while I am doing the pre-soak) the temperature of everything is absolutely perfect. No fuss, no muss (what is “muss” anyway??) just solid, dependable, consistent conditions, with no effort whatsoever.

      Highly recommend it.


  3. andygemmell says:

    Wonderful colours and subjects! Like that 2.8 how it still keeps your son in the frame at a nice bokeh level. Is this the first post for a little while with the HB? Are you still enjoying it?

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