The Yin & Yang – Reprisal


I was going to do a scanner comparison, but I think I’ll just let this photo stand on its own.


(Maybe tomorrow instead…)

Superia 200 shot at 400; Nikkor 8.5cm LTM @ f/2 on the Zeiss (because the Ikon doesn’t have 75mm framelines…only 85mm).

Scanned on the Plustek 7600i.

Lots of precipitate on the scans, which gives them character…time to toss the chemicals!

(The Original Yin & Yang is here…)

5 thoughts on “The Yin & Yang – Reprisal

  1. Karen says:

    This is one of my favorite images you have ever posted, just beautiful. So much love in this.

    I don’t believe that any amount of post processing a digital file could come close to what you achieved here with film. Bravo.

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