Proof Of Concept – Continued


“I’ve got the blues…”

Further to Greg’s insightful guess, here is the final clue I was planning to post:

This is the same strip run through the Pakon with machine auto white balance applied.

(Why is the hardware so fooled?)

Therefore, when I said I hadn’t done anything before, I had actually corrected the WB manually before scanning with the 7600i.

Here is another photo from the same roll, with proper corrections applied:


Color reproduction seems to be quite faithful (skin tones especially…) but requires a tiny bit of twerking tweaking when scanning.


(I’ll explain why shortly).

Grain is also present, but not unpleasant…

Final post to follow in a bit.


6 thoughts on “Proof Of Concept – Continued

  1. greg g says:

    Wow, oh wow! The image of mother and daughter is just spectacular: great expressions and the delicate color really suits the intimacy of the moment.

  2. andygemmell says:

    Now you’re getting technical!! Officially gained your “Masters” in film! Next stop is PhD!

    The skin tones led me to both my guesses and just felt the white balance may have added the cooler cast.

    I agree with Greg the second image is very nice!

    Greg as for me and photography I’ll be holding my M7 but that’s it for a while! Leave hospital today and into rehab for a few days. But for the next 6 weeks no bending, stooping, lifting, twisting, etc. my wife is really looking forward to having me home;-)!!!!

    • mewanchuk says:

      …Oh, I already have my PhD: you can call me “The Looove Doctah”.


      Glad to hear you’re on the mend.

      Now Greg is right: let’s see some pics from that fancy 7!!

    • mewanchuk says:

      Right on both counts, Andrew!

      It is Kodak Vision3 500T Tungsten balanced Cinema Film.

      …And there was no filter used.

      Technical details to follow in a bit.

      All the best,

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