…Or not really.

In any case, you asked for it (Andy…) so here it is:  Kodak Vision3 500T in outdoor (mostly) sunlight.

This next one was shot under gloomy overcast skies, but the rest were taken under fairly pleasant late-day sun.


My conclusions:

  • It requires heavy tweaking white balance-wise.  Andrew’s suggestion of a daylight filter is likely a good one.
  • It is odd stuff.  It definitely has an overwhelming grain (more so in the shadows than the highlights…) As a result, it does not tolerate much exposure compensation upward after scanning.  You get, what you get.
  • It is definitely on the low-contrast side.
  • For the first time ever on film, I had actually had to adjust the luminance noise downward slightly after scanning.
  • It definitely tends to produce some “vintage-type” effects.
  • It is hard to know in advance how it is going to look, but color-wise it appears fairly malleable.  True-to-life?  Not exactly…but maybe that’s what the filter is for.

This time around, I actually focused more on producing an artistically-pleasing image, rather than demonstrating to you the unadulterated characteristics of the film.  Therefore, there has been a bit of fiddling in post.

All of these images (with the exception of the second one) were taken with the 75 Cron and 3-stop ND filter at f/2.

The bottom line?

This film is not for everything…but it’s been a fun adventure!

(Now what to do next……)










3 thoughts on “Sunshine?

  1. andygemmell says:

    Thanks Mark…..nice of you to put all that effort in! I’m not what I make of this film to be honest. I liked the earlier output of the film a little better though don’t know why :-)….

    Maybe it is that lack of contrast and just the deviations it has in coming to the final result vs. the likes of Portra, Provia, Ektar, etc…

    • mewanchuk says:

      I agree Andy. It is a little too variable to trust in a pinch…mind you, these were all very hastily processed vs the earlier ones…

      I’m going to have to toy with it a bit more…but Ektar for outdoors and Superia/Portra is still my go-to…


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