There are some who may not like this photo because it is

“Too Busy” or

“Too Nauseating” or

“Makes me want to barf”.

(I’m lookin’ at you, Producer…)

But I simply can’t post technically flawless photos every single time.


Anyway, this is the Top Secret Lens of Intrique™ resurrected for some summer fun.  The color version is indeed a bit overwhelming, but I like the effect of this one–it sort of seems like Baby J is moving into hyperspace…which everyone around here seems to be in, most of the time.

…And if you don’t like it either, that’s OK: I give you permission.



6 thoughts on “Hyperspace

  1. greg g says:

    Meet Mr. Mark Ewanchuk, husband of a lovely wife he jokingly refers to as “The Producer”, father of four equally lovely children, and amateur photographer. He has recently mounted an intriguing new lens on his Leica camera and is happily snapping pictures of his youngest (known only as Baby J) but now its significant lens flare and swirling bokeh have begun to actually dissolve the scene and the child begins to fade from her highchair… there are cries of agitation as the girl’s mother fears the immanent dissolution of her youngest, not to mention significant portions of her kitchen, mayhem threatens to overwhelm the normally placid suburban scene, welcome Mark, you have opened a portal to an alternate reality, a hyper-dimension known as… The Twilight Zone.

    I’m sure you exaggerate her objections and, if not, perhaps a brief perusal of the foregoing paragraph will be sufficient to convince her… it could always be worse.

    I think it’s pretty cool, but then again, I’m the guy that actually liked the critical portraits of Grandma and the kids that you cooked so disastrously wrong… 🙂

  2. mewanchuk says:

    Thanks Greg…you totally made my day!

    I guess it is rather “Twilight Zone-y”. I especially like how the swirl of the bokeh blends into the twirls of her curls…

    Anyway, it’s actually worse than you think: we were outdoors, so the WHOLE WORLD is now being sucked slowly into the alternate-dimensional hyper-reality.

    (And the descriptions were, indeed, that bad).
    EDIT: I am now told it is a “wave of nausea”.

    My goodness.


    All the best,

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