While we’re on the subject of the Twilight Zone, here’s another for you.

This one is a little hard to explain:

It was taken inside a reptile conservatory at the museum.  There was an elevated terrarium, with a walking space underneath it.  Midway, you could put your head up through the bubble in the middle, and sort of look around the inside.  This was shot from the outside looking in toward the bubble.

Didn’t think it would turn out, as it was dark and hard to focus (especially with the glare) and shot at 1/8s handheld!!

75 Cron @ f/2 on Superia 200.

4 thoughts on “Extra-Terrestrial

  1. greg g says:

    Hal? Hal? Are you there? Why are you changing colors? Hal are you mimicking the chameleons? Hal? Answer me, please. Hal?

    OK, shouldn’t be that hard, but full points for identifying the 1968 movie that is adapted from… 😉

    • mewanchuk says:


      That’s an easy one. (A weird movie…but an easy one). I’ll bet, back then, 2001 seemed SO far away…now it’s come and gone.

      Thanks Greg,

      • greg g says:

        Weird, indeed… but I did think that the photo had the look of a face inside a space helmet a la Kubrick’s classic.

        • mewanchuk says:

          …Absolutely; Reflection and all! (I remember watching the movie on Betamax!! -shiver-)

          I should probably rename the photo in your honour…



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