The Pensive Cheerio


More filmy-tomfoolery here.

Believe-it-or-not, this is also tungsten-balanced motion picture film.

This here be Kodak Vision2 200T (older stock; intended for ISO 200).

It actually seems to be in better shape than the 500T I reckon…perhaps it’s just the the grain structure.

In any case, I am slowly learning how to manage this film–this was actually scanned on the F135 and manually color balanced pre-post-processing (if that even makes sense…) before final scanner output (which is a bit complicated if you’re at all familiar with the kludgy Windows XP Pakon software package)

I’ll post a few more examples (managed slightly differently…) shortly.

And don’t ask me why.

I don’t actually know.

(Aside from “because” of course…)



EDIT: These were all scanned on the Plustek 7600, and color balanced during post-processing. They were intentionally processed with a tendency toward more “grit” and motion-picture style blue-bias.   A very different look, all from the same roll.




EDIT #2: And yes…that is a B&H box.  It had a bag, some chemicals, and some film, of course…


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