Limo Service


It may not be a limo, but it IS limo service!

Goofing around on a walk yesterday;

Canon AE-1 on Vision2 200T

Bit of a different character to these, but I like them nonetheless.

There is a very fine “honeycombing” or reticulation to the grain structure which I suspect is due to the extreme temperature change necessary for Remjet removal.  Next time around, I may try leaving the wet roll in the canister for an hour or so (to let it cool slowly…) before actually starting the development process.



4 thoughts on “Limo Service

  1. Abilio says:

    Are you sure it’s not a limo?!? 😉

    Love the children’s expressions you captured….limo or not, they seem to be thoroughly enjoying the transport!

    Very unique tones with the 200T in this set….retro vibe without appearing washed out or undersaturated in the least. Nice!

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