Roll Forty-Seven


The Flowers of My Eye

I actually took these before the color ones from “One Hour Photo” and have been sitting on them for a bit.

Some semi (not) artistic still-life for you.

I hope you enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Roll Forty-Seven

  1. andygemmell says:

    Mark…you really are taking on Vogue….the theme continues. Once was a family photographer now moving towards the cat walks of Milan 🙂

    On a more serious note there are really nice images here and I love that one J with the sprinkler. Reminds me of when my daughters were that age.

  2. mewanchuk says:

    Thanks Andy.

    I quite liked this roll as well…unconventional, but redeeming in its own right!

    I may have to ask you to have a word with The Producer.

    Looking forward to some Mamiya shots from you very shortly…


  3. Abilio says:

    Beautiful shots Mark! I especially love your composition and execution of #5…the subtle silhouette of your wife framed by the sharply in focus sprigs of greenery…very artistic indeed! Also love the one of your daughter playing in the sprinkler…timeless as Andy suggested.

      • Ondrej Caska says:

        Yep, yesterday my M6 arrived from Wetzlar. Now they did the repair for free under the warranty (for previous unsuscessful repair). I have not tried it yet but I hope it will be fine now… By the way they told me that some little mechanical parts had been missing and also they had to repair (again) the shutter.

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