11 thoughts on “The Apple and The Garden

      • jkjod says:

        Things are great! The Plustek is working like a champ, still haven’t quite figured out all the quirks of VueScan yet. Thinking of starting a multiple roll project with some Double-X, also a Kodak cine film but B&W (as I’m sure you already know). Just have to convince myself I can handle getting the 400′ roll onto the smaller 100′ ones…all without ruining it in the process

        • mewanchuk says:


          Sounds interesting! How is it cost-wise? (I have gotten some good deals on some expired rolls of Tmax 400 and PanF+ recently, so hopefully it is a great deal!) I am not totally clear: does it lack the Remjet backing?

          Spooling it is not that big a deal…it just requires a take-up reel, some gloves, and a lot of patience!

          Let me know how it pans out…

        • jkjod says:

          No Remjet…so that’s a plus. If I don’t mess it up, about $3/roll. It may just be easier to buy some Arista Premium or something like that, but whats the fun in that!

        • mewanchuk says:

          ‘Atta boy, Jordan!

          You appear to be onto something: Cinestill just “released” this very film.

          Looking forward to some results…


  1. jkjod says:

    Yes I saw that as well – I can’t take any credit for finding the film, there is a huge group over on rangefinderforum.com that introduced it to me. The 400′ can is on the way though, so its just a matter of time now!

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