Something awesome happened to me today…


Baby J dropped my M9.

…And I’ve actually never been happier.



I was shooting the picture above on one of my film cameras, when I heard this “clak” behind me.Β  I took the shot, then turned around to see that Baby J had opened up my velcro bag, and was excitedly dragging my M9 behind her.

She had this big, broad smile across her face, and was excitedly running towards me, saying “Da-yee! Da-yee!” as she brought my camera to me.

(First of all, I shrieked like a school girl about nine octaves above my vocal register…)

Then, I just started laughing.

I wish I had been smart enough to point the camera I was holding at her, and snap a picture of the scene; but I probably would not have been able to focus properly anyway…

There was something completely surreal about that camera bouncing across the gravel toward me as she ran.

I’ll never forget the grin on her face.

She still had the strap in her hand when I made it to her, and she proudly handed it up to me.

My heart kind of fell…but I picked up her, then the camera.

She got a big, sloppy smooch…I just couldn’t be mad.Β  I shouldn’t have left the bag on the ground anyway.

Miraculously, the lens was somehow completely pristine.

The top and back of the body was not so lucky; two large, long gashes, and some paint loss here and there…perfect only moments before.

But as I held it in my hand, I realized how much more valuable it was to me at that moment…I will always remember the story of those scratches.

And for the first time, I cared more about the priceless photos it will take, than how it may fare along the way.

If it lasts long enough, hopefully I’ll be able to hand it to her one day, and tell her the story of the two long gashes…



8 thoughts on “Something awesome happened to me today…

  1. Jason Timmis says:

    Not quite the same…but if it makes you feel any better…I was getting my camera gear ready to go out shooting a few week back and I put my M7 (without a lens on it) on my desk with the strap hanging off the edge….wait for it…I went out of the room and coming back in the edge of the cargo pocket on the thick / stiff fabric shorts I was wearing hooked the strap as I walked by. My pace was such that it hurled the camera to the floor like a sling shot. It landed on the shutter release button. My hardwood floor got a big dent in it. I had to pound the camera on the desk several times to get the shutter button to (finally) release…totally fine.
    So the next time the drunk guy next to you says who’s tougher Asian Teak or a Leica you’ll know the answer!! …Cars and cameras…I love those Germans. πŸ˜‰

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Jason,

      Somehow those film bodies just seem less “dainty” than their digital counterparts…If it was an M3, you’d be pulling up your floor right now!

      Warm regards,

  2. Ardean Peters says:

    awww, that is so awesome. The gear is nice, but such a beautiful reminder that it’s the moments captured and surrounding the gear that really matter πŸ™‚

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