Greg B


“A scholar, a gentleman, and a generous guy at that…”

I was fortunate enough to meet Greg through this site–he contacted me and was interested in trying some cinema film.

It turns out he is an extremely prolific photographer (and gadgeteer!) and lives a short hop away in Vancouver, BC.

Greg has sent a few different films my way, and even introduced me to my new personal favorite, Eastman 5222

Born in Nova Scotia, but raised in Northern Ireland, Greg certainly has a story to tell.

Despite the fact that he is much, much older than I 😀 it would appear that Greg and I probably crossed paths in a former life–he is a Professional Chef by vocation, and was at one time responsible for creating the menu at major chain of restaurants you may have eaten at.  I distinctly remember his name emblazoned on the glass during my University years at a former sister chain…

Greg is now a purveyor of fine tile, glass, and stone.  Chances are, you have probably come across some of his impressive work in a Bathroom, Airport, Hospital, Restaurant, or Hotel near you.  His clients come from far and wide–and it is easy to see why.

Greg was down for the weekend on business, and we had a chance to meet up.

(The photo above was taken at f/1.4 on Natura 1600 in extremely poor conditions–It does not do him justice.  He was trying to pick a beer…)

I recount for you here, some of our more relevant conversation (there may be some paraphrasing on my part…)

Desert island bands–Pick Three?

“Um, would have to be the Stones, Pink Floyd, and probably Led Zeppelin”

Not U2?

“They’d be close.  For sure Top Five… Even though I’m from Northern Ireland.”

Desert island food?

“Indian or Thai.  I’m currently trying to perfect my Butter Chicken…”

Desert island beer?

“Something in an IPA.”

Desert island camera?

“Probably something Nikon-ish.  I’ve got a bit of a collection…”

Favorite one to shoot with?

“Probably the Monochrom…fantastic for landscapes.”

So how many cameras do you have, anyway? 

“I’ll take the Fifth.”

We don’t have a “Fifth” in Canada.

“We do now…My wife might hear this.  By the way: have I shown you this one?”

Newest aquisition?

“An old Linhoff Technical.  It just ‘jumped in my car’ when I drove past the photo store…”

Interesting.  That happens to me a lot…

Greg was kind enough to send me a selection of his work…I am sure you will agree it is simply stunning.

I hope you enjoy.

(Thanks Greg…and if my wife finds the new cameras, it is all your fault!!)










4 thoughts on “Greg B

  1. Greg B says:

    Hi Abilio, Thank you very much.

    #2-Nikon D800
    #3-Nikon D4
    #7-Nikon D4
    #8-Sigma DP2 Quattro
    #9-Fuji X-Pro1, and

    Glad you like them!!
    Thx again Mark too kind.

  2. Jason Timmis says:

    This is just what Mark needs…an accomplice. As I have said before it is so much cheaper for me when other people buy and try out new cameras. 😉

    Some nice shots Greg. I see you have been through my back yard.


  3. Greg B says:

    Yeh Jason I am not sure he needs any help from me LOL!! There must be a 12 step program somewhere…… Glad you like the photos. Thx for the reply.
    Cheers from Van.
    Regards Greg.

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