4 thoughts on “The Centre of the Universe

    • mewanchuk says:


      Is that a good thing?

      (I mean, it SOUNDS like a good thing, but I need to make SURE. If only you could get your hands on some to try and shoot it…)

      In any case, what makes you think that cup is yours?? (All it says is “Mark’s Friend”…That’s it. It is otherwise, completely indistinct).


      It was good to catch up…too bad about that weather!


  1. mikeyjive says:

    Nice looking photographs! I take it you did not develop the Superia in Rodinal? 😉 I’ve been looking for an alternative to the Tetenal Press Kit (seems to bring out some magenta in the shadow areas of Portra 400 and some red tones in the cheaper films). I’d love to get to where post process = zero time but that may not be realistic. But thanks again for the info/tip on the F135. That alone has cut down on the processing time by a huge amount.

    • mewanchuk says:


      You mean you don’t develop your Superia in Rodinal??



      Some combination of temperature and exposure seem to be key–the Portra is definitely more prone toward the pastels–pushing the exposure seems to help somewhat. The Pakon has definitely made a huge difference in that regard, but I occasionally can’t shake the magentas in the shadows either. I am about to try the Unicolor kit, but I am pretty sure the chemistry is very similar. Regardless, I am pretty happy with the results I have been getting…

      Thanks for the comment…hope you’re well!


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