My Filmy Fail


Generally speaking, most rolls work out pretty well…

This one was a big fail.

Out-of-focus, poorly composed, overexposed, lens cap on, and that sort of thing.

This was the only real keeper out of 24 shots.

Straight from his eyes, to my eyes, to your eyes…with the Pakon somewhere in between.


9 thoughts on “My Filmy Fail

  1. says:

    When I was (*ahem*) photographing with film, getting even one keeper per role was thrilling and made it all worth while… because, generally speaking, the one keeper was better than anything I could come up with shooting digital. And this one certainly qualifies.

    Excellent work, my friend.


    • mewanchuk says:

      Thank you, Gentlemen.

      Doubtless you both realize my title is somewhat tongue-in-cheek: I do quite like this portrait–and at about $5 per developed roll, I suppose having at least one like this makes it all worthwhile.


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