Birthday Night


These were shot on Fuji Natura at ISO 3200.

Most of the the outdoor ones were shot while walking, at f/1 and 1/30s.

Some work, some don’t…But there you have it.

In most of them, there was actually barely enough light to focus on something.

(And yes, the Producer was baking her own cake).

I’m not sure the M9 would have been this clear at 3200…even if it did go that high!









6 thoughts on “Birthday Night

    • mewanchuk says:

      …Yeah, if you don’t mind a little grain, then Natura is “film thumbing it’s nose at digital one last time”.

      It is definitely fun to shoot with–low light, with reckless abandon. (3200!!)


      I ordered mine from Bellamy–A three pack is actually not all that unreasonable…but it is definitely for special occasions only!


  1. Karim Ghantous says:

    This is such a beautiful set of photos! You’ve captured the magic of Christmas lights superbly. For me, one can’t put up enough lights.

    The first pic is wonderful – you’ve caught the little chicka in a wonderful expression. Pic #4 also stands out because you’ve posed the Producer and her offspring so nicely. #6 is great because of the OOF highlights. #8 is noteworthy partly for technical reasons: note the rich reds in the lights. I wonder how the M9 and other digital cameras would handle that. The last one strongly exhibits the typical Fuji look which I love so much.

    I think the M9 does much better than people think. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but most of the high ISO noise is chrominance, not luminance. I’ve downloaded some sample files and confirmed it. 1600 is no problem. 2500 might be the limit but I don’t know for sure. The D300s was launched in 2009 and I am not sure if it would do any better.

    Natura may not hold a lot of detail but it isn’t as grainy as you’d expect. I like it.

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