The Morning Shoot


I was in withdrawal:

I hadn’t shot a roll of B&W in quite some time…

It is where I am happiest.

I woke up this morning and resolved that I would…but it was -22 and dark out.

Fortunately, a suitable chain of events soon presented itself.

This is Eastman 5222 pushed two stops to ISO 800, and developed in Rodinal.

It is a tad grainy & contrasty, but I think it held up pretty well.


My favorite photo of the bunch is the next one.

It is (gasp!!!) out of focus.  But it is kind of how I remember the whole episode:


Plenty of shrieking and laughing, and over in minute or two at most.







Fortunately photos don’t actually have to be good, to be memorable.




8 thoughts on “The Morning Shoot

  1. Stephan Pot says:

    They are all great shots but I really like the first one and the last one the most, especially the last one. It is filled with happiness and joy and dynamics of love.
    Wonderful post!.

  2. jkjod says:

    We always try to be so technically correct…tack sharp focus, perfect composition, correct developing time, etc, etc. Funny how sometimes some of those things don’t matter in the end – I find the same thing, that I remember those little moments from when I took the picture and thats what makes them favorites.

    On a side note, I have pushed the XX to 1600 with usable results, but I’ve decided 800 is my limit as I like the results much more. The 1600 super contrasty as you can imagine. This is all with D-76, I’d like to see what it does in Microphen or DD-X.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks very much Jordan…I completely agree with your thoughts.

      I appreciate the insight on the 1600 push…given these results I likely wasn’t going to attempt it, but at least now I’m sure!


      As an aside: I wasn’t super impressed by what I was seeing from DD-X in general, and given it’s toxicity (the bottle actually says “Don’t dump” or something…) I decided to abandon it completely. I know it is supposed to be a “high resolution developer”. Perhaps it was my technique?

      All the best,

      • jkjod says:

        Just having read your comments and seeing your photos over the past year or so, I highly doubt it was the technique part. I didn’t know about the “don’t dump” aspect, so I’ll probably just stay away. I like what I’m getting from the D-76 so far. If anything I may jump to HC-110, as I like what that does to HP5 which I like for the 6×6 stuff.

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