They Wanted a Picture…


…Which is strange, because they usually run screaming the other way when they see me coming with a camera!


This was taken with the Mamiya 7 and 150mm lens on expired Pan.

The Metz flash was used.

The Mamiya is very cool, because the leaf shutter will basically sync at whatever speed you want.  I am finding that leaving the flash on the f/2.8 setting seems to produce the best results, using an aperture of around f/4-5.6 (underexpose slightly).

B&W still best.


7 thoughts on “They Wanted a Picture…

  1. says:

    This set-up – the Mamiya 7II, 150/4.5, and the Metz flash – are working very well for you if I go by this fine image. I was going to write and ask you how the second go-round with the Mamiya 7II is going, but now I know.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Peter.

      (You can still write me if you want…)

      I think the most frustrating thing about this combo is the fact that it is unusable indoors for half the year WITHOUT a flash (or grainy Delta film!)

      Hope you’re well,

      • says:

        Yeah, the unusability half the year is what got to me. But I still look at the images I took with the M7II and quietly whisper “wow”.

        It looks like you’ve achieved a good work-around with the flash.

      • Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

        I think if you had the 80mm lens you might get away without the flash using Portra 400, and that would probably have an edge over Verichrome Pan, that’s a pretty old film. It’s too bad Cinestill didn’t make their goal for medium format film, that would have been perfect. But I’ve read a few places that being a leaf shutter, it should be possible to get unblurry shots down 1/15 or even 1/8 handheld. Still, I think I see the difference in sharpness already with those Mamiya lenses!

      • mewanchuk says:

        Hey Joe,

        I do, in fact, have the 80mm lens–with Portra 400 pushed to 800 it is *just* usable indoors at f/4 and 1/60s.

        I did previously shoot the 150mm at 1/30s and obtained some good results…I’m sure the 80 would fly at 1/30 or 1/15 as long as the subject was semi-static!


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