Saturday – “Dress-Up” Edition


Taken with the “old camera” today on Tri-X 400.

This was sort of how we spent our afternoon: running around the house with no clothes on, and putting on our necklaces.

(Well…some of us, anyway).


Turns out the rangefinder was a bit out, and needed some tweaking at infinity–Focus now seems a bit more precise.  (These are all at f/1.4)

The last is a reprisal of the “Architectural” series, but of course looks better, as it is on film.

Have a great weekend,








8 thoughts on “Saturday – “Dress-Up” Edition

  1. says:

    These are all nice! I really do like the mood of the “reprisal” image, and also J’s natural expression in the image above it. The framing in the second image is quite nice… it looks like J has attacked and eviscerated her snowsuit! (though having kids of my own, I know that one is all about comfort and warmth from said snowsuit, and of course “blanky”).

  2. mewanchuk says:

    Thanks very much Peter–

    Funny enough, it isn’t even her snowsuit…it is youngest son’s! She had pulled it off the counter and was basically lying around in it. She could probably squeeze inside the leg if she wanted to!


    Have a great day,

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