4 thoughts on “Fast-Forward

  1. Karim D. Ghantous (@kdghantous) says:

    That’s a nice shot. And yes, time does fly. I’m amazed that it’s 2015. 15 years ago, we had the beginning of a new millennium and the Sydney Olympics. 14 years ago, Steve Jobs showed the world a little thing called the iPod. It had less storage space than the average SD card of today and was about three times as thick as my iPhone. 8 years ago we had the iPhone announcement. And now it’s March, 2015.

    We are too focused on ‘achievements’, yet I do think I could have achieved more by now. But what’s more important is that I’ve become wiser, both in the everyday practical sense and in the spiritual sense. I think I can say the same for you. 🙂 It has been fun seeing your kids grow up!

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