Walgreen’s Knows Colour…


…NOT AT ALL.  (And I mean it).

Anyhoo, the story goes like this:

Eldest daughter dropped the Ikon and lens on the floor the other day…pulled some stuff off the counter in a rush, and ‘thUNk’ it went.  (Yes, it is dangerous to be equipment around here…)

I died a little inside, but cosmetically it looked alright, so I thought nothing of it at the time.

That night, I woke up in a bit of a cold sweat, and realized that the rangefinder could easily have been jarred out (it was a HARD hit, right to the top of the camera…)  I had six or seven more rolls of film, and I wasn’t about to waste all the effort and expense if they were all going to be out of focus.

The next morning, I checked the body at infinity, and it was OUT.  BADLY.

…But something inside told me the Ikon was like that since I had it recalibrated professionally.  (Unlike the Leica bodies, these cannot be adjusted manually.  They have to be sent in to Zeiss to be colimated).

My only hope was to develop something, and see how the images faired.  I debated shipping something home, or just giving up and using the Ricoh…

But you know me: that’s not how I roll.

By some miracle, there is actually still a Walgreen’s here that does 1 hr photo. I shot some stuff relatively quickly (as wide-open as possible) and drove the roll across town.  An hour later, I had my answer:

Walgreen’s SUCKS at photo.


Fortunately most of the images seem to be alright (focus-wise…) but the color just STINKS.  I’m not sure if it is the (now ruined) negatives, or just the prints themselves…but man does the end result ever blow.  They sure know how to wreck a roll of Portra 160!  Bad greens everywhere…Nasty.  The sad part is, there was a beautiful Noritsu scanner behind the counter that I offered to take home with me, but the woman wouldn’t let me.

Anyway, at least I (mostly…) have my answer, and can keep on shooting.  I can’t wait to get home and scan the negatives to see how they actually faired.

…Darn rangefinders, and their ‘achille’s heel’.

(In case you’re wondering, the title image is not from the set…it is a cross-processed image from the Ricoh GR…thanks for reading this far!)

Hope you’re all well,




4 thoughts on “Walgreen’s Knows Colour…

  1. Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

    I am not a fan of Walgreens or any other corner drugstore chain. They undercut many camera labs in film processing pricing, then when all their competition dried up, they hiked up their prices. Who knows how many people they caused to turn to digital with their unethical practices? I used to use them back about five years ago, since then it seems they’ve made a new scam where they won’t scan your film unless you buy prints as well, ’twas not so in my day. I’m done with them.

    • mewanchuk says:

      ‘Tis true, Joe…this horror of which you speak.

      $15.99, and the quality is AWFUL. I certainly would not have used them if I’d have had another option…

      Fact is: I’d be turned off film myself if this was the first I had seen!

      Here’s to hoping my end result improves…


  2. Stephan Pot says:

    I’m happy the focusing is still okay. Over here 1h does not exist anymore. Having a colour film developed can take up to one week. Kind of like the cross-processing effect on this image.
    Take care,

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