Two years on…


As some of you may recognize, this photo used to be the header of my old site design.

Recently we had a chance to return to (nearly) the same spot, and a familiar scene played out.

Here is my recreation of the original image (note who is now in charge!)


Here are two alternative versions that I also liked:



6 thoughts on “Two years on…

  1. says:

    Two years on, and they’ve grown.

    As has your photography, Mark. I really like the first “alternative” shot, with the slightly different perspective, the cloud and rock diagonals (meeting to the right of the frame, and properly “framing” your son and daughter in the process) , and the dynamism introduced by the wind — and of course the kids’ movement.

    Now, knowing you’re a humble guy, you’ll make some self-deprecating remark about all of this being accidental. But even if accidental, it’s you who saw the scene and clicked the shutter.

    (yes, I’m preempting you)

    On a side note, this proves once again that you we can never really re-create a moment, but that’s okay, there are new moments to experience.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Peter.

      I do like the (completely intentional) 🙂 second version best as well, but wanted to post the first as it was most similar to my original photo.

      I appreciate your compliments.


  2. greg g49 says:

    As you may recall, that original has always been one of my all time favorites among all your posted images. The new ones are all quite delightful echos. While I completely agree with you and Peter on the compositional merits, I really like all of them for different reasons, so I’m glad you posted all three.

    The first is an interesting contrast with he original. Color to B&W, sister “in the lead” (although perhaps he’s not quite “following” is he?), and the symmetry contrasts it’s “staticness” (not sure that’s a word) with their movement in #2 and the original (even the ocean here seems more still) which contrasts again with how they’ve both grown in a different dimension.

    And the third, while it doesn’t have the dynamism of the diagonals of #2, has its own compositional merits (imho): the parallel layers, his arms laying atop the horizon and the asymmetry of its main subjects. And finally, there’s something quite appealingly optimistic about where and how they stand and what and where they’re facing.

    So I really like all 3 variants, though if you had to pick just one of them, it’d be #2 and I think none will displace the iconic original as my favorite.

    Hope everyone is well.

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