The Game of Trouble


From a visit with “Dido” the other day…

(Was planning to list my Hassy, but made the mistake of pulling it out…)

This is Ilford 400 XP2 (chromogenic B&W) shot at f/4 and developed in C-41 chemistry.

This film has two distinct advantages over regular B&W:

  1. Regular sissy labs will do it without having to send it away; and
  2. You can use Digital “ICE” (or whatever your scanner calls it…) when scanning, as there are no silver particles on the film when processed in C-41.

For interest’s sake, you can actually develop it as regular B&W if you prefer, but it is slightly pricier stock, and there is no added benefit at that point in time (as then there WILL be silver, and you WON’T be able to use infrared dust & scratch reduction).

2 thoughts on “The Game of Trouble

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Bijan!

      Incidentally, every time I think about selling my Hassy, I just wander over and have a look at your stuff…

      On another note: I recently got a PME3 metered prism from KEH, which has made a big difference in terms of focus and exposure–not as fun as the waist-level finder, but definitely more reliable!

      All the best,

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