Lime Popsicles


Over here at Iftimestoodstill Laboratories™, The experimentation continues…

This was one of the first few test shots taken with the new rig.

I’ll give you some hints:

  • ISO 320
  • Straight out-of-camera
  • f/2.8 on the Voigtlander 35, for a FOV equivalent of 50mm

Stunning and effortless rendering.

This camera was truly ahead of its time.

(BTW: A little bit of frozen Margarita mix goes a long way…)

LOL.  Don’t worry…It’s non-alcoholic.

I think.

7 thoughts on “Lime Popsicles

  1. says:

    Lovely! Small correction: it’s actually an equivalent FOV of 47mm (rounded up).

    I love the colours… the skin tones – wow! It’s devoid of Leica’s latest Tomato-Face™ technology (found in the M240), and yet it somehow it just *works*. How can that be?

  2. mewanchuk says:

    I stand corrected.

    Truth be told (assuming you even know which camera it is…)

    It is 46.55 mm

    (FYI: The “Tomato Face Technology” costs quite a bit extra…)



  3. andygemmell says:

    Wow…really. Is this the big T?

    Black or silver? Ricoh GR, now this….are you moving back to digital. Maybe it’s all that heat over that way!

    • mewanchuk says:


      No no–it’s an ancient M8!!

      And interestingly enough, as similar as it is to the M9 series, it sure is different in many important ways.

      Great to hear from you,

  4. andygemmell says:

    How did I forget about the M8! I feel like an idiot now you’ve said it! Especially given the lense choice…..i was just thinking APSC…must be the T….

    Funny you say that re the M8…I’ve thought about going back to digital and it’s on the radar. But I’m leaning towards MM again! We’ll see.

    • mewanchuk says:


      It’s definitely a dark horse of a camera–but basically unusable over ISO 640 (unless you’re shooting B&W) and slow to write to the SD card. And the crop factor takes a bit of getting used to. The trick is finding one that Leica has recently had their hands on…

      On the other hand, if you wait a bit, I do know where a nice MM will be coming up for sale shortly……



      (maybe this time he’ll keep it for a bit!!)


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