The Hard-Living Dudette


This is our day–backwards–On Agfa Vista 400 Plus.

The owl tattoo is washable, and the cup contains straight coffee milk.


I really like this film: Superia-like colors, with UltraMax skin tones (And cheap to boot!)

The best of all worlds, really…

Mostly straight out-of-camera and off the Pakon.

I hope you enjoy!














8 thoughts on “The Hard-Living Dudette

  1. jkjod says:

    Haha, I love the first image. It’s as if she is saying to somebody “Boy, you won’t believe the day I just had…putting up with all those ruffians.”

  2. Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but AGFAPhoto Vista Plus IS Fuji Superia, I think it’s certain runs that didn’t meet Fuji’s quality control. It certainly looks like Superia, but check the box to make sure, because it should say “Made in Japan.” AGFAPhoto doesn’t make its own film.

    • mewanchuk says:


      That was EXACTLY what I thought (I had actually heard that in the past; and the DX coding and stripes even look similar to Superia…)

      I tried to do some quick research, and couldn’t find anything to confirm; However, you may well be quite correct. A quick look at the strips said something about “AGFAPhoto GMBH Germany” which is why I abandoned the idea, but I must admit, I didn’t pursue it very far…

      Thanks for the heads up…I’ll look into it a bit further.


    • mewanchuk says:


      Further cursory reading seems to indicate that Vista is indeed made by Fuji (or previously Ferrania of Italy…) but that the film is not exactly Superia itself. The edge markings and coding seem to differ slightly, lending some credence to the supposition that the skin tones may, in fact, be different.

      If anyone has any further confirmatory info, I’m “all ears!”


      • Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

        I don’t see that it’s different enough to go out of my way to buy. Now, I just picked up 5 rolls of CT Precisa 100 for $6.50 a roll not too long ago, but if it’s not significantly cheaper than Fuji’s main lines, I don’t bother with anything branded AGFAPhoto anymore.

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