Mother’s Day (Continued…)


It was a fairly average day around here…

A morning dance party, some ballet moves, a soccer game (both inside and out…) some iPhone photos, making thunder with a springy doo-dad, a few scraped knees (with hugs required) and picking dandelions like crazy.

…An average day, but a great day nonetheless.







7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (Continued…)

  1. Karim D. Ghantous (@kdghantous) says:

    These are great. More or less a solid set of photos. I especially love the last one – love the perspective! Baby J just keeps getting more adorable. You seem to be finally free of the Canadian winter – would that be because you’re in the western region?

    On a technical note, you have a lot of apparently blown highlights. When the Bayer array goes, the highlights have to be watched extremely carefully. So that’s not really news. But a solution is to underexpose where appropriate (usually if the scene is evenly lit, or if it’s dark, you can safely underexpose).

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Gentlemen.

      Shots were underexposed by 2/3 of a stop. Highlights were intentionally blown on purpose. (Also–very uneven lighting!)

      Thanks for the comments,


  2. jkjod says:

    I like the second and the last…I didn’t even notice the highlights, they just look good to me. Post processing is such a personal thing, and unless you are shooting for someone else, I always think you should just process to your own taste. They are yours after all.

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