Soccer Stars


As you may note, there is not a lot of “soccer” being represented here.  These particular “stars” don’t actually “play” a whole lot during the games in question…

(Well, eldest daughter does, but young son has better things to do…)


Believe-it-or-not, this is a circa 1946, Screw mount, 50mm f/2 Collapsible Summitar (10 blade design).  It is heavily damaged internally–some haze was removed, and the polishing left some extensive cleaning marks.


(…Never know it, would ya?)



This is Portra 160–self-developed, and straight off the Pakon.


I hope you enjoy,


4 thoughts on “Soccer Stars

  1. jkjod says:

    Sharp enough, wonderful character, and that swirly bokeh! I don’t own one, but any time I see images from this little gem I remember why they always attract my attention. Wonderful set of images.

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