One Lovely Day


Today was a remarkable day, in it’s unremarkable-ness…but it sure was great.


This is Kodak 400CN developed in color process, and scanned on the Pakon.

It was sent to me by my good friend Peter, who, incidentally, also introduced me to the title song.  (After I introduced him to an earlier album, which was actually introduced to me by my good friend Greg…)

Anyway, thank you BOTH for the introductions, and Peter–sincerely–for the film.  All of it.









7 thoughts on “One Lovely Day

  1. jkjod says:

    Oh boy, I haven’t listened to Citizen Cope since college! Good stuff! As everyone else has already said, these are quite lovely!

    • mewanchuk says:

      Bijan, “Serial”, Peter, Jordan and Luiz:

      Thank you ALL very much. Jordan: you really must pick up the Citizen Cope again–it is fantastic! (and Bijan…you should really should give it a listen!) As for you, “Serial” It is probably time I found out your true identity…


      All the best,

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