Light Leaks


Just so you don’t think it’s all “candy and roses” over here…

My second Canon IVsb arrived yesterday, and I shot and developed part of a roll.

As you can see, the shutter curtains are absolutely thrashed–light leaks everywhere.  (Incidentally, my first one had the same issue, and went back to the vendor…)

This one, however, is off to Youxin for a CLA and curtain replacement.  He is one of the few people still repairing these bodies.

Why a Canon IV?  Simply put–they are incredible pieces of technology for their age.  Built like tanks (er, except for the shutter curtains, I guess…) they are mechanical wonders to behold.  This one is over 60 years old!!  I think every rangefinder enthusiast should try a screw-mount body if possible.  The Canon variants (better, in my useless opinion…) are unique over their Leica counterparts because the composition viewfinder and focusing rangefinder are integrated–something the earlier Leicas lacked.

Anyway, here’s one for you of my ugly mug (scary, I know…).  The last shot has the camera pointed at a bright light source, and then shot against a closed lens cap–every vintage camera should be tested in the same manner.  (However, you should avoid photographing me if at all possible…)






3 thoughts on “Light Leaks

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi Cyrus,

      Sorry for the (extremely!) late reply…

      It does kind of look like “bokeh balls” doesn’t it?

      I may have to shoot a roll in colour before I get it repaired…Although I am fairly sure they will all just be blown-out bright spots. Worth a look, anyway!

      All the best,

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