Severely Pushed Chromogenic


This is Kodak BW400CN shot and developed at ISO 1600.  I had it in the camera, and forgot exactly what it was, so I shot for 1600 and figured I’d sort it out later.  I’ve been curious about how this film would push, so now I know…


The crew here at Iftimestoodstill Productions™ took a trip up to Drumheller and Calgary for some sight-seeing this past weekend.  Most of these were taken in extremely dimly-lit conditions at 1/30s and f/1.5–Luckily the dinosaurs weren’t moving any longer.  The last few were taken outside, and required a both a three-stop ND filter and f/13 @ 1/1000 to maintain ISO.

(Can you believe these things used to be alive??!)












4 thoughts on “Severely Pushed Chromogenic

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Stephan–the results are certainly usable (although the tonality is not overly “delicate”). A few of the grainy photos were even further underexposed, and required additional pushing in post-production.

      (…And that Dino does look he belongs in a cartoon!)

      All the best,

  1. Karim D. Ghantous (@kdghantous) says:

    Two noteworthy things:

    1. This film is very disciplined at high ISO.

    2. The tonality is quite vintage, almost dreamy. Hard to explain.

    If you had not pushed you probably would have gotten the same result (and arguably better, but we could argue that all day long, and I’m not a b&w expert). This film AFAIK has the flexibility of Tri-X but less graininess. If you scanned these on a better scanner the results would be even more impressive.

    Though I’m sadly moving away from film (though this might be a short-term trend) I do have a big interest in b&w technique, and I love b&w photography overall. So I hope to see more of it from both you and Peter. 🙂

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Karim–

      I think I follow what you’re saying; however if I hadn’t have pushed, I wouldn’t have gotten ANY of the indoor shots. Most of them were still 1/30 or 1/15s at f/1.5 despite the ISO of 1600!


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