Ollie Owl


It’s her favourite book.

Meanwhile, this was taken on my new favourite MF B&W film (Rollei Retro 80S) with my new favourite MF camera setup (haven’t told you yet 🙂 ) and developed in my all-time favourite developer (Rodinal).

For real.




6 thoughts on “Ollie Owl

  1. andygemmell says:

    Very cute and well composed! The light is wonderful as well.

    I purchased (put a deposit down at least) on a mint 501CM today! Not selling my Mamiya just yet though. We’ll see if I feel the love first 🙂 (yes I know it’s only a camera!). For a MF camera I think I’ll appreciate just how versatile the Mamiya is after using the 501 :-(…

    • mewanchuk says:


      Congrats–great news!! While not exactly “pocketable” using the 501 is really an experience in-and-of itself. You will become addicted to that shutter “KA-thunk!” and will enjoy the act of winding the film after every shot. It is certainly no Mamiya 7, but it is no less pleasant to shoot.

      Did it come with an Acute-Matte screen? (Not really necessary, but slightly brighter, and makes focus a bit easier…)

      Anyway, looking forward to some images!

      All the best,

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