4 thoughts on “Shopping (Again)

  1. andygemmell says:

    Very nice. Really nice moment to catch.

    Enjoying the Pentax 6×7? Did you ever look at Nick Brandt’s work (nickbrandt.com)? All shot on the 6×7….Well worth looking at!

    • mewanchuk says:


      His stuff is just STUPIDLY good…I was gifted one of his books some time ago (“On This Earth, A Shadow Falls”) and it is just amazing.

      To be honest with you, I knew he shot with a Pentax 67II, but I did not actually realize (until now…) that ALL his stuff is done exclusively on film…


      Anyway, I am LOVING the 6×7 setup…I have been surreptitiously using it for a while, and it is by far my favorite MF setup (yes…even over my beloved Hassy…)


      All the best,

        • mewanchuk says:


          I use the metered prism finder–the camera behaves much more like a large (HEAVY) SLR.

          (Though still very portable, and hand-holdable…even at 1/60s).


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