Pulled Tmax


I occasionally find myself yearning for a decent ISO 200 B&W film–midrange sensitivity with some controlled grain (The Eastman I am finding just a tad too grainy…)

I am uncertain whether it is better to push Tmax 100, or “pull” the 400;

This is 400 shot at ISO 200, and developed in Rodinal.



9 thoughts on “Pulled Tmax

  1. jkjod says:

    Well those look pretty good to my eyes!

    I think there is a Fomapan 200, maybe it’s not available any longer…I’m not really sure. Not sure if you are familiar with filmdev.org but they have lots of examples of it with Rodinal which look nice. I’ve read around the inter webs from people that have been shooting with Double-X for years and years that D-76 tends to be a better developer than Rodinal for the Double-X. Per usual, I’m guessing you already know all this…just thought I’d throw it out there 🙂

  2. Chris Rusbridge says:

    I would normally expose TriX 400 at 250 and process as normal (ie not reduced/extended development). I’ve just tried this with my first Tmax 400 and the results look decent. Most negative film can be over exposed by up to several stops; you just get a denser negative and need a better scanner. See for example Johnny Patience’s post on Exposing for Film, and the UK Film Lab also has some posts illustrating the (minimal) effects of up to 5 stops over exposure on colour negative film… I think black and white has even more latitude!

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks very much for the tip Chris;

      I have heard this in the past (and have noted it myself in my exposure “errors…”) but have never formally given it a try.

      I will do so on my next roll!

      All the best,



      I should also add: I have been using Tmax developer for some time on both Tmax and Tri-X; This developer allows you to “switch” between ISO 400/800 on a single roll (i.e. It is rated for both at base time…) and therefore it comes as no surprise that there is some latitude present in the film itself. I presume the same also applies for the ISO 200/400 combination.


  3. Joe shoots resurrected cameras says:

    These look nice, but honestly, I prefer the grainy look of your Double-X myself. For less grain though, I was getting some pretty good results pulling Tri-X when I did my Caffenol C-L stand developing, that might be worth looking into.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Joe…I think I might agree with you on the look and character of the Double-X, but the Caffenol might be out of my reach for the present.



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