7 thoughts on “Those troublesome gummy worms…

    • mewanchuk says:

      Thanks Jordan–it wasn’t pretty!!


      Yeah, I probably could have just posted the last one, but I felt I had to tell the whole story of the struggle…

      Deep down, she’s a fearsome predator.


  1. Karim D. Ghantous (@kdghantous) says:

    Damn, man, these are fantastic. Especially the third one. I like the Norther European inspired dress. No doubt another of The Producer’s creations.

    Those slower emulsions (160 and under) are quite nice. Very different in texture and look to, say, the faster ones.

    You want me to tell you a funny story? Okay, since you asked, here it is. A few days ago, the cat was sitting in his favourite spot, and it was late afternoon, and the sunlight was so nice. I had to take a shot. But no iPhone for this. Not even the Sony. No, I went for the Contax RTS with the Yashica 50! I thought I’d finish the roll that was in there. I don’t shoot film much, but after just one frame, I remembered why I love film so much.

    Anyway, I take a few shots and after I took the 36th exposure, I hoped for just one more Could I get it? Sure enough, I could make it to 37! And 38. And 39. And… crap. There wasn’t any film in there after all. I must have exercised the shutter some weeks ago, bringing the exposure count to 30.

    So I forgot to check the rewind knob for confirmation that there was film in the chamber. I’ve been out of practice. 🙂

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