Dad’s ‘Blad.


Chances are, if you’re out-and-about somewhere, Dad be tryin’ to stick a big ‘ole Hassy in your face. (Right now, it’s the only camera I can actually shoot!!)


This is expired Tmax 400–outdated in 1991…the same year my 500CM was built.  I bought it a camera swap meet a few weeks ago, and wasn’t sure how it was stored, so I shot it at ISO 200 and developed for 400.  It was a fun memory: roasting hot dogs in mid-October!!


4 thoughts on “Dad’s ‘Blad.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Andy, I certainly am!!

      –as for the 500, it is actually just this. Long story–no 503. (Actually, the story is not really that long: Sold the 503 when I got the Pentax, then found a screamin’ deal on a 500CM package that I couldn’t pass up, plus I realized that I missed the 6×6, and the waist-level shooting…which is actually a blessing right now with the arm in a sling!

      I know I know…it’s complicated.

      (Just wait until you hear what the next experiment is!!)



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