Greener Times


Some minor scrapes and bruises, but we all survived the summer…

Ektar 100 scanned on the replacement Opticfilm 120 (Film transport on the first one died).  They appear to have done some work on the hardware, as the film carrier windows all move sensibly now.  Unfortunately, however, the iSRD on this scanner appears “off…”

For some reason VueScan is no longer properly functional for color spot correction.  This negative was scanned on Silverfast 8.5 (which I hate…) but which also seems to have improved in constructive ways.

2 thoughts on “Greener Times

  1. jkjod says:

    If you are on a Mac and updated the OS to El Capitan lately I have heard some rumblings of issues with Vuescan (me included). I’ve been so far behind in scanning I haven’t had a chance to see if it’s gotten ironed out. So, there ya go (as is the case most times I’m guessing you already knew this 🙂 )

    Love the Ektar! I have a roll in the freezer that was supposed to be for fall colors, but I missed that chance.

    • mewanchuk says:

      Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for the thoughts. Oddly enough, I am not on Mavericks on that system yet; I actually changed nothing as far as software was concerned (just hooked up the new scanner…) and the iSRD was off right out of the box. I had even scanned 8 negatives before I realized they were all fubar, and required re-scanning. I subsequently tried updating to the newest version of VueScan (that had solved the problem in the past…) all to no avail. It would seem that there is something intrinsic to the new hardware that only Silverfast (😝) is able to adjust.


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